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About Cara Ruegg

Cara Ruegg is an artist who lives a happy life with her husband and children. Her days consist of bringing stories to life often while curled up in bed nursing her little one, baking and making endless messes with her toddler, lots of pretend play, and even more hugs and kisses! 

Her Catholic Faith is a big part of her life, and you may see many Christian allegories scattered throughout her works. She strives to write books that are age appropriate for most readers. 

She was a former teacher of five years, having taught kindergarten to eighth grade. She has a passion for child development.

She is a photographer and designer. Most of her book covers are her own designs. She has a special interest in family photography.


She has a Youtube channel where she does book reviews, gives writing advice, and shares her thoughts and opinions. She thanks you for your support of her small business. 

My latest projects

My Latest Books


More than a decade has now passed since war ravished the land. The dragons are extinct, and the people who once stood beside them are but scattered ash, or so they say... 


But, as Ava Cern begins to learn, not all may be as it seems including her own identity as a humble peasant. Marked with a strange symbol on her wrist among other oddities, she begins to question the stories of her childhood. Are the dragons really gone? Is this really her home? 


Though a stranger to foreign lands, she will soon find herself on an epic adventure, crossing into worlds she once thought existed only in make-believe tales.

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