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Hi, I'm Cara Ruegg

A Catholic fiction writer, photographer, designer, & happy wife and mother of two boys


The Kingdom of Dragons

More than a decade has now passed since war ravaged the land. The dragons are extinct, and the people who once stood beside them are but scattered ash, or so they say... 


But, as Ava Cern begins to learn, not all may be as it seems including her own identity as a humble peasant. Marked with a strange symbol on her wrist among other oddities, she begins to question the stories of her childhood. Are the dragons really gone? Is this really her home? 


Though a stranger to foreign lands, she will soon find herself on an epic adventure, crossing into worlds she once thought existed only in make-believe tales.

Frozen Hearts: A Fairytale Retelling of the Snow Queen

Dark magic is at work.

A strange sickness plagues the land.

Aksel must learn to control his powers before they control him.

Twelve-year-old Aksel doesn’t want to be different, he doesn’t want fingers that glow with ice, doesn’t want powers that freeze whatever he touches. He’s terrified of being found out, or worse—hurting someone with powers he can’t control.

But when a strange illness overtakes his town and claims those he loves, Aksel has to face more than just coming to terms with his strange abilities. With the help of his younger sister, Cathrine, and some unexpected friends, he must journey to the tip of the mountain and go find The Snow Queen who is believed to be responsible for the curse.

A retelling of THE SNOW QUEEN by Hans Christian Andersen. A story of redemption and love. Fans of the Wingfeather saga and Narnia will love this Christian Fantasy.


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